Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Live it up fool! Life is short.

...and enjoy the simple things.

Never ever lose your mojo.

Dress for success? Wear what makes you happy! :-)

Ask for some help if you need some. And we all need some.

Find a peaceful solution.

Express yourself! :-)

Take a leap of faith every now and then.

Help someone in need.

Keep asking important questions.

Try a new font!

Communicate with compassion.

And take an extra moment before you hit 'send.' Words can be very powerful.

Save some room for dessert.

Travel! Anywhere will do.

Get organizized!

Celebrate diversity! :-)

Take care of yourself, eat more spinach, drink more water, take a vitamin, exercise!

After that new font, try a new recipe!

Be patient. (I know I say this every year) :-)

Be kind to critters.

Make good use of your time (it's your most precious resource).

Speak up! You deserve to be heard. :-)

Let go of the things that no longer serve you.

Never stop climbing.

Remember those who are no longer with us. (Miss you Liz!)

(this is all you need)

Encourage someone. We all had to start somewhere...

Remember, size doesn't matter. :-)

Really listen when people say nice things to you.

Quit procrastinating. (said me to me)

Treat everyone with kindness.

We are all homeless - November 2010 from Willie Baronet on Vimeo.

And remember - have the best 2011 ever!!

Love and blessings to you. :-)